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A&WMA offers a variety of products and services to help meet the professional development and educational needs of environmental professionals, university students, grades K-12 students and teachers, and the general public.

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Not familiar with what we do at AWMA Iowa Chapter? Visit our About Us page. You may also direct questions to Board President Dan Deatsch at 515.225.4303 or Board Secretary Lori Price at 319.266.1616.

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The next meeting of the Iowa AWMA chapter will be held Monday, April 24.  The meeting will include a presentation by Gross-Wen Technologies (GWT) on the design, operation, and performance of the algal-based wastewater treatment pilot plant in Dallas Center and tour of the installation. GWT is commercializing an algal based wastewater treatment process that recovers nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from wastewater. The biomass that is produced can then be used as a slow-release fertilizer. The meeting will begin at 2:00 pm with a presentation on the pilot plant and will conclude with a tour of the facility.   

Please RSVP to Chapter Secretary Lori Price at or 319/266-1616 by Friday, April 21st. 

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